Assaulted on Election Day

The Black New Mexico Movement held a small rally in our town. About forty people came and listened to speakers talk about the importance of voting.

Unfortunately, the trumpers found out about it and about 200 showed up, honking and jeering and yelling some awful things.

Well, that moved me to do all I could to get people registered to vote, but with COVID-19, there was not much I COULD do. So, I took to the streets, carrying a sign that said Register to Vote and giving the state website to register.

Once the time for registration had passed, my sign changed to “Order your Absentee Ballot.” I went out every single day, to locations throughout the community.

As Election Day grew nearer, friends started to join me and my daily outing.

Our signs changed again, this time more focused on issues, like Vote for Science, Vote for Clean Water, Vote Like Your Rights Depend on It. Some of my friends also brought signs for candidates we support, all democrats.

On Election Day, our last day out, I went to cross the street at a major intersection. I had the walk sign, and as I got halfway across, a woman pulled into the crosswalk, I hollered at her to back up, (hollering because I was wearing a mask) she would not back up, even though there was nobody behind her. She yelled at me to go around, and I did walk in front of her car, continuing across the street (still had the walk sign).

Just as I was passing her car, she lurched the car forward and hit me on my wrist! I was stunned, but not seriously injured! Keeping my cool, I walked around the back of her car and took a photo of her license plate. When she saw me do that, she threw her car in reverse and started backing towards me!

Well, my friends, including my daughter, saw what happened and came running my daughter took more photos and even some video of this crazy woman, who stated, “I’m just so tired of Democrats.”

The police were called, they took a report and visited the woman at her home.

They concluded there was no assault, since there was no mark on her car and she denied hitting me. Even though I had eyewitnesses and you could see that her car was in reverse when I took the photo.