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Best of 2020

Family of four in front of museum dinosaur
Man and woman in front of waterscape

Yes, 2020 was a very hard year and one that we would never predict in our wildest dreams, unless you were in the movies :) Some of the positive sides of 2020 in my opinion, was as follows:

1) Family Time; we had dinner as a family, instead of me getting home late from work after commuting.

2) People more grateful for the simple things in life (such as game night, baking, cooking new recipes).

3) It became a year of reflection, what is more important to you? For me my family and health. You can have all the money in the world but you can't buy either.

4) It gave you a chance to enjoy your surroundings (whether be the next town over, or your local neighborhood).

5) Working from home, became acceptable and not a permission that you had to inquire. I was able to able to work from my mother's house to keep her company.

6) I became more grateful also for the past memories that we had shared as a family; whether be travel the year before, big family gatherings, or someone's birthday party. It was a good reminder that we have to seize the moment when it's present it to us.

7) Be kind, be grateful, and just BE.