Blessings among uncertainty

A mother of three, I left my husband and kids mid March’20, to fly to Argentina to see my dad and my 8yr old twin sisters. Upon landing I was quarantined at his house. Due to International and domestic travel shut down a 10 day visit turned into 44. Not knowing when I would be able to return to my family was was scary. Being quarantined with my aging father and getting to know my sisters who I barely knew ,was a blessing I did not know was needed by all of us involved. I was able to work using an iPhone and an iPad with the help of my coworkers in the US, keeping the financial dangers of the pandemic at bay. I realized lessons that I needed to learn, I can’t control everything and my family can manage without me doing it all. I fell deeper in love with two amazing little girls. We developed a bond with that will always be strong. I learned to understand my father like I never did before, as I believe he did me. Through hearing stories of the past about him and my family and living on the quiet farm with chickens and horses, I was loudly reminded of who I am. This experience will forever be in my heart as a terrific blessing that I would never have gotten had this not happened in the world. As I traveled home on a repatriation flight, I was uncertain of what awaited my return to life in the US. Sad to leave behind part of my family that I did not know when I would see again because of the pandemic , but my heart was full.