Board games Will Never Be the Same

We've always been board game players but 2020 took our board gaming to a whole new level. Endless hours of board and card games took place throughout this pandemic. We live in a one-bedroom apartment with just two of us and a dog, so diversifying our gameplay was no easy feat.

Every weekend, we'd set up the game and turn on the same song as an unofficial announcement that the gameplaying was about to begin. Spotify said "Take a Walk" by PassionPit was the song that got me through the year, but really, it was the classic throwback, "Buy U a Drank by TPain." About five minutes into the game, my dog, Mylton, would walk over, stand up, and expect us to stop the game to play with him or give him a Himalayan chew to keep him occupied while we focused.

The wins went back and forth but I will not soon forget how Hey Google says, "'Buy U a Drank Shawty Snappin' by TPain. Now playing on Spotify." With so much bad happening, I am so grateful that my family is happy and healthy, that we are safe, and that we have board games to continue occupying our time.