Chalk artists

We had recently moved into a new neighborhood and my 10 year old daughter was still struggling to make friends when the pandemic happened and the little hope we had was gone. She was the one most affected from the schools being closed as she is the most outdoor, social person in our family and heavily involved in the community theater. It affected her so much that she didn’t even want to get out in her own yard. I tried to find ways to cheer her up which is when we started doing driveway chalk art. It gave her an outlet and an excuse to get out. People would stop by and praise and interact with her and she started making friends. Word traveled and we started getting chalk donations and the praise and social aspect kept her encouraged. We were featured in voice of America channel and a blog post. She was even inspired to write a letter to Tom Hanks and guess what he actually sent her a hand written letter! Her world changed and for that we are thankful!