A Change of Scenery

During these tough and unprecedented times, it has become a real eye opener to me about how the world operates when I am not physically a part of it. Being stuck at home has been a drastic change in lifestyle for me. I was constantly outside with my friends for both sports and leisure, but I also physically went to events and parties for competition, or those of friends of mine. Being able to do those things allowed me to have a connection between myself and the physical world, where I would be my goofy and shy self. The only thing that has changed is that I don't have that connectedness with the physical world right now. Stuck to the screen of my computer, going on calls with my friends and family, they are familiar things for me to do, however not to the extent that I have been doing them. With running, I was and still am a runner, but the anxiety over the circumstances of the pandemic have kept me at home. I want to keep others safe as well as myself, however I think everyone has that central pain inside them that wants to break it in order to have the life they had before. I think about it every day. Though it has been over 9 months now, I believe that no matter how long it persists, I will have the confidence in knowing that when it is all over I will be able to be the person I was, and still retain the new characteristics I have developed during this time.

The current events that have occurred during this year will leave a mark on the history books and continue to influence the world as we move forward. From police brutality to the individuals in charge of our country, there is a lot that is still needed to be done in order to truly have a free and independent nation. Not only that, but just as much of that effort should be applied for the whole world, and those are truly are in need and constantly left in uncertainty.

To finish off this story, I want to relay that you shouldn't sacrifice the health of yourself or others around you for the sake of an insignificant event. Being able to make an impact in the world, whether big or small, is still just a step forward in changing the way we live as humans for the better. Lastly, your duty during these times, and times for the future, are to be safe and provide protection for all, no matter the circumstances.