Christmas 2020

2020 was the year of strange things
Let’s hope 2021 is nicer and brings
Hope, strength, compassion, and cheer,
While seeing friends and family, far and near.
We started the year with celebration and kin
Recognizing birthdays for Robert, Ben, and Quinn.
Then came February with valentines and hearts,
Sadie in Virginia, the rest of in the northern parts.
March, with winds and snow that might cause us to frown,
But instead we were issued a major lockdown.
COVID had hit our country by storm,
We were confused and concerned about this new norm.
Staying inside, social distancing,and wearing a mask,
School work online and work from home was too much to ask.
Surely this creature would soon go away,
And life would be normal with COVID at bay.
However, the monster had entered the earth
And life would change for all of its worth.
We struggled with mandates, rules, and such,
The President seemed not to do too much.
Many were sick, and many went away,
We honored the medical workers each day.
Our country’s election was really unique,
With mail in voting, long lines, the votes they did seek.
Although it took longer than other election years,
The results looked better and squelched all our fears.
Joe Biden, of little Delaware, won and we cheered,
But Trump whined with his ego as his loss appeared.
Joe chose Kamala Harris as the first woman Vice President,
What an honor and thrill to this California resident.
The COVID vaccine was miraculously found,
And shots were administered to many all around.
We ended the year with hope and good cheer,
Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!