Christmas morning during COVID

Angie Pat
Jason and Loren

The day: Christmas, December 25

The Year: 2020

The temperature: 37 degrees

The location: Rural Andover, KS

The event: Opening Christmas presents during the pandemic of 2020

People in attendance: Galen Dennis Grossnickle, (aka Dennis), Judith Ann Milligan Grossnickle, (aka Judy), Patrick James Reilly, (aka Pat), Angelique Jeanette Grossnickle Reilly, (aka Angie), Dylan Thomas Reilly, Jason Patrick Reilly, Taryn Brooke Reilly, Loren Nicole Reilly, and Taylor Richert.

We decided that since we have always been with our daughter when we open Christmas presents that we should continue even during the pandemic. So it was decided to hold Christmas morning outside on the patio. Pat took all of his outdoor heating equipment and placed them around the patio in an attempt to keep the area somewhat warm. As you can see in the pictures we moved the Christmas tree and presents outside and sat in the cold to open our presents just because we wanted to spend Christmas together but still be safe and not get anyone infected with COVID. It turned out to be rather chilly but enjoyable. After the presents were opened Judy and I left and went home. Each family enjoyed their Christmas dinner in their own home. There isn't a picture of me because I was behind the camera.