Chroma Lady

Luminescent figure at park chess tables next man
Luminescent figure on street in front of windows with large poster of a baby's face
Luminescent figure placed next to water fountain feature at dusk
Luminescent figure at stone table in Columbia Park Court with man seated on bench and elderly lady standing with cane
Luminescent figure between two Latino men in front of a wall mural

The pandemic made us alienated from each other trapped in a limbo world with a foggy state of mind. I created my  “Chroma Lady” in  public spaces at dusk  6:30- 7:30 pm when the clapping for  essential workers was heard.  This glowing light installation transforms this transient time  into an interactive experience for the public, a lone spiritual figure  bringing luminous color and light to build our bodies  physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. She is a playful masked goddess that can bring us optimism and new hope. A specter of iridescence shining to lead us to a transformed future.