Coronavirus Chronicles • a journal in four far

Words and drawings for a journal entry
Words and drawings for a journal entry
Words and drawings for a journal entry
Covers of two journals covered with words and drawings

Coronavirus Chronicles: The Story of a Global Pandemic Thursday March 12, 2020 Day 1 What a weird day. Everything is different now. Coronavirus cancels sporting events, schools, Broadway, the Boston Marathon, the St. Patrick’s Day parade and the entire NBA Season. So, we cancelled the rest of The Key Idea events and planned the trip home, five days of driving. Shopped for road food. The shelves at Trader Joe’s were nearly bare.

Sunday March 22, 2020 Day 10


Stay in • wash your hands • practice social distancing • no crowds • no groups • stay away from others • wear masks • no contact • flatten the curve Around the world - ALL schools, churches, temples, public buildings, stadiums, museums, everything, everywhere is closed!

Wednesday April 22, 2020 Day 40

I feel really bad, some days are just so hard.

I want my life back and it will not be the same.

It’s a low low low day.

Sunday May 3, 2020 Day 52

Happy Birthday COVID style• Ellie is 6 years old! Luisa and Jesse arranged a drive by event with friends, classmates and Girl Scouts. ZOOM call with family.

Thursday May 25, 2020 Day 74

The days roll on. There is a calm sameness.

Then, America watched the killing of George Floyd. His neck under the knee of a white cop. On FB, we saw him die.

Then the protests began.

Sunday June 7, 2020 Day 87

My last class of second graders graduates. Class of 2020 Seniors stood on socially distanced orange marks in the Sandwich High School parking lot.

All who wanted to could drive through and celebrate them.

Many students held signs supporting BLM.

Coronavirus Chronicles • Reopening Book 2 Thursday July 16, 2020 Day 127 So much is unknown.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 Day 139

The uncertainty looms…

what about school • what about sports

Virus is spiking across the USA

Swam at Grey’s Beach with Robin as the tide rolled in.

So hot again nearly 100 degrees

Tuesday August 25, 2020 Day 167

4 Months ‘til Christmas. What will be the status of the pandemic then?

So weary of the coronavirus and all the precautions and limitations Meanwhile getting spaces cleaned out for remote school.

Computer space, Writing space, Project space.

Bike ride

Wednesday September 16, 2020 Pandemic day 189 First day of first grade• fully remote school.

Zoom Rules of School and let’s get to know ya'

8:50 Attendance

9:00 ELA

10:10 Break

10:20 Math

11:20 Dismissal

Friday, September 18, 2020 Day 191

Notorious RGB passed away 87

Now what? Our country is at a crossroads.

The GOP will pack the court with extreme conservatives.

Friday October 23, 2020 Day 226

I’m upset about so many things. I’m on high alert.

ANXIETY Having trouble sleeping.

I’m worried about everything • catching the coronavirus • all children everywhere • the election • the economy • the poor • the future

Thursday October 29, 2020 Day 230

Stay away, don’t get together with family and friends Boston Marathon is cancelled in 2021 Broadway is closed at least through May No parties, no parades, no celebrations of any sort and no end in sight Plan to wear masks until the end of 2021

Thursday, November 5, 2020 Day 239

Biden is expected to be the winner, but still..

Our 3rd day of tallying a record shattering number of votes.

Trump is inflaming his base by claiming victory- attacking states that didn’t vote for him.

FRAUD he cries. Millions of mail-in ballots postmarked by Nov 3 can arrive by Friday in PA. It’s the one remaining swing state to count.

Saturday November 7, 2020 Day 241

Biden Harris • a national sigh of relief.

I think I’ve been depressed for a while. I can breathe now. A huge weight has been lifted.

RIP Alex Trebek 1940-2020 I will miss you.

Coronavirus Chronicles • The Second Surge Book 3 Nov 9, 2020 Day 243 The US leads the world in confirmed cases.

Monday November 16, 2020 Day 250

Today 73,000 American are hospitalized, more than any other day.


•wear a mask •avoid people outside of your household • stay home New restrictions across the country.

Don’t travel for Thanksgiving Family, groups, even small gatherings are super spreaders.

Friday December 18, 2020 Day 282

Another COVID holiday coming up. It’s so strange to be always home. We rarely go to stores, few outside visits from friends • Colder.

We walk around the neighborhood.

CDC approved Moderna Vaccine. A bit of HOPE.

Saturday January 2, 2021 Day 297

It started out good. Foot massage with Poppy.

Then, I felt washed in sadness throughout the day. SO SAD.


It has all gotten to me.

I knew back in March that our lives would be forever changed.

Wednesday January 20, 2021 Day 315

The Inauguration of Joseph R Biden and Kamala Harris UNITY The most elusive of things in a democracy. President Biden Bold Fearless Ambitious • Ellie witnessed a powerful moment. KAMALA Raise this wounded world for there is always LIGHT, if only we are brave enough to see it, brave enough to be it.

22 years, Amanda Gorman, youngest Poet Laureate …what a Rockstar

Friday February 13, 2021 Day 329

Vaccination frustration continues… open to folks 75 plus A senate full of cowards. A sad day for democracy.

Trump acquitted of incitement of insurrection Mitch McConnell was not honorable.

Coronavirus Chronicles • Vaccinations • Book 4 March 1, 2021 Day 355 Coming to a clinic near you.

Could that be the light I see there at the end of the tunnel?

Thursday, March 11, 2021 Day 365

…and just like that, it’s been one year.

Tried all day to get a vaccine but none are available.

No one predicted this kind of year would happen.

The weirdest year you could possibly imagine.

Finding light in the darkness is the most American thing we do. President Biden.