This year has changed so much in our lives because of the whole pandemic of Covid. There's much that I learned about myself, there was much that I learned about God, there was much I learned about what God could possibly be doing in this whole pandemic in the lives of non-believers but also how Covide affects my life as well. I work as a preschool teacher and for a few months I was laid off because of Covid. At first I was really happy because I didn't have to work at a job I don't even like but also I found myself caught up in a lot of my sin. It was eye-opening to experience all that I experienced at that time. I finally was able to go back to work in the summertime and I am continuing on working full time. It's really amazing the fact that God is saving many people through this Covid and he's opening the eyes of people to the corruption of the government. Things for me at work have changed. New regulations, lots of cleaning, wearing masks, washing hand 10 billion times a day and so forth.