Covid-19 changed the world almost overnight

2020 will be a year which will be hard to forget and changed some things, probably forever. Shopping turned into the Twilight Zone. It began in early March with toilet paper and other paper goods vanishing virtually overnight from the store shelves. Every store you visited. This was quickly followed by other shortages and purchasing limits with meats, cleaning products, frozen foods and even shredded cheese. This was overlaid with new and changing regulations for shopping and going out. Masks, gloves, wipes and social distancing became the norm. Soon the stores had signage all over, barriers and floors marked off initially with masking tape Xs and later with printed signs/stickers to better manage social-distancing. Sadly, many business were forced to close. No dining out and take-out or going to the fast food drive-through became the norm. One thing I will never forget and moved me. I was driving home and while stopped at a traffic light, I saw people putting up hand-made signs advertising that their diner was open for take out. Fortunately, I had a camera with me and was able to capture the moment. American can-do spirit. The tenancy and ability to overcome whatever obstacles this crazy time threw at you. The toilet paper shortage lingered for the better part of two months and the other products eventually returned to normal quantities, though cleaning product shortages are still a regular occurrence. Finally 2020 is now over, though a year on from when this all started, things are still not back to normal. Though, the vaccines have finally arrived and hopefully will mark the beginning of the end to this nightmare.