Covid 19 Crazy Quilt

More masks

Last March my wife and I joined a community effort to provide face masks for local hospitals and other organizations in Athens, GA (Mask Making For Athens). Over the next three months the two of us made over 1,000 masks for the community effort, neighbors, family, and friends. Both of us being retired, our new normal was spending the better part of each day working on masks. The reward of being able to help our community was far more fulfilling than collecting a traditional pay check. After our supply of materials was depleted and our mission complete, we were left with a tub full of scrap fabric. We decided to make a "crazy quilt" with a mask design motif with the center of each quilt square the shape of half a "cup" style mask. We do not know if you would be interested in our quilt, but would be delighted to donate it to the Smithsonian.