Covid 19 experience

First week of March - Rumors of a new virus in news with stories of Europe and China locking down. My husband and I attended a show and dinner and discussed possible lockdown in our state. Lockdown began March 12 in our area. I looked up how to make masks on internet and got out material, made masks for family, friends, neighbors and nursing homes. This would continue daily for 10 months. I asked relatives for old sheets because all the stores were closed. My husband searched the internet to find elastic and also found 2 new sewing machines for me and my daughter. A friend ICU nurse called and asked about surgical hats, I researched and began making them for a hospital and nursing home. This has continued to March 2021. Our church organist lived on our street, so we had services in the cul de sac every Sunday for eight weeks. My husband and I shopped early morning hours to avoid crowds and get supplies early. We provided some neighbors and our daughters school with wipes and masks. It calmed down in the summer but became bad in the fall again. We saw our daughter briefly once school started as she was exposed to covid alot.