COVID took a part of my life

When COVID first started, I was a senior in high school. It was half of my senior year when the very first case of coronavirus was discovered. In March, the shutdown started. I never thought that I would not see any of my teachers and friends again, or else I would have hugged them a little longer. I did not get to have a prom, graduation, a senior's trip, and my last good-byes. I would have never thought that my first year of college would be all through zoom meetings and everything online.

Nevertheless, the saddest part out of all of this is that I lost my grandfather. He was back in my home country Nicaragua where Coronavirus cases started as well. My family and I could not have a formal funeral for him because no flights were going to Nicaragua. It has already been seven months, and I still cannot believe that he is gone and that he died alone with no one by his side. Moreover, I have lost so much more that I am not going to get in-depth because they are just too emotional for me, but this pandemic has taken so much for me.