COVID virtual school

2020 is a year that changed for so many of us. For me, I had to shift from in-person school to fully remote. I was excited about being home and doing school online. But I was sad that I wasn't able to see friends or hangout.

Virtual learning has given me so many things to be grateful for. I'm grateful for the technology that has allowed schools to keep running even though a pandemic. I wasn't sure how this all would work out in the beginning because I was scared that I wouldn't enjoy it. Turns out I have learned so much through virtual learning and it has changed my thinking on how technology is helping. One of the great benefits of online learning is that you're safe at home and you have more freedom. But when school comes on you have to be prepared to not leave anytime you want or else you won't get credit. I had to make sure I wasn't drifting off even if I was at home. I had to stay focused and continue to work hard. I think for many we have learned to adapt quickly to these new changes. For me, I'm proud of myself for adapting to virtual learning and being able to speak out more during discussions in class. In conclusion, 2020 has been so hard but technology has made it possible to keep having an education.

Virtual learning has been fun at times but other times it can be exhausting.

It's not normal to be staring at the screen all day because we’re used to being in school. Also for me, I found it super difficult to want to go outside after school because I'm so tired. But I found ways to move around during school. On breaks from classes, I walk away from my room and end up doing a fast stretch to get my body feeling more awake. I think everyone should be doing more because we are inside. In addition, this pandemic has made me more aware of my physical and mental health. Making sure I’m still taking care of myself during school. I make sure to go to bed early enough and eat a healthy breakfast so I'm ready to go in the morning. Also, taking showers after working out. Through virtual learning, I have found some ways to make myself happy. For example, talking to friends and doing arts and crafts and reading more. Finally, there are many ways to keep yourself busy even through virtual learning.