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COVID19 Has Changed the Family

As a typical family, we always enjoying outdoors activities, family gathering, events, parties, amusement parks, shopping, etc. prior to the COVID19. Everyone lives in the family have changed mentally and physically through the adaption of this pandemic. Kids were not allow participating group events and minimizing outdoor activities from high risks of exposure to the virus. Parents are concerning their careers and trying to maintain health and safe environment for the family to be 24/7. There daily challenges among each of us in the same house in terms of properly behavior of being self, children and parents such as the children academic, career path, health fitness, financial responsible, and others. The most frustrating of all is the leadership of this country intending to get everyone affected to form herd community where death and chronicle illness are part of the risk. Over 300k were die from it and still counting which already surpass the number of deaths of Americans in WWII. Overall, I wish all citizens participating in voting process to pick your leaderships from now on in avoiding this avoidable catastrophic event reoccur ever again.