Doing Fine during COVID 19 and the Ways I stayed Safe

I saw my last live concert at the DC Winery on Feb 28, 2020.

Word of this horrible virus called Coronavirus or China virus had recently started circulating.  I went to hug the performer after the concert.  He is a fairly well know musician who happens to be very friendly with his fans - and afterwards I regretted my decision, because I would feel bad If I had made him sick.  We were not wearing masks yet.  No real governmental guidance had been given.  Earlier in the year, I had the sniffles and a little difficulty breathing deeply.  I took a visit to my urgent care just in case bronchitis was starting in my system and I was diagnosed with an Upper Respiratory Infection. The doctor told me I would feel tired/under the weather a few days.  I always wonder what if that was CORONAVIRUS 19.  I am a school bus driver.  On Friday, March 13, 2020, I started out on the afternoon run to pick up my kids.  The dispatcher came over the radio to let us know we would be coming to school two hours late on Monday.  Then the announcement came we would be closed two days.  Finally, at the end of the day around 4:30, the announcement came -- school is closed indefinitely.  Gossip started -- were we going to lose pay?!  No -- we had signed our contracts for the whole school year!.  So, we went home.  That was the last day I worked.  Days turned into months.  Toilet Paper of ALL THINGS was GONE! COMPLETELY GONE!!!

I remembered I had fast food napkins in my glove box. I bought a pack of tissues.  Then there was a shortage of hand sanitizer.  What ever happened to washing your hands?!  I thought about the days of people having to wash diapers or underwear... regularly.  Could I use a wash cloth to "wipe"

myself?!  I lived with an elderly friend who I helped around the house.  We were locked in!  I tried not to venture out so that I wouldn't bring anything in.  I spent hours journalling and watching YouTube videos. My friend and I started putting puzzles -- even 1000 piece puzzles  --together.  We went to Target to buy MORE Puzzles!  They were sold out!  Now.. months turned into months and months.  My church started Online "livestreaming".  Musicians started "livestreaming" daily!  What fun to have a song LIVE each day from your favorite musician on your FACEBOOK page!!!  I am the youngest, at 57, among my peers... so I became the WEEKLY ZOOM HOST for our get together.  I worked the Election Poll and went to a Poll Worker Party at a restaurant!

There was a buffet... but we had our masks on!  I just say to myself -- CRAZY TIMES.  THIS NEVER HAPPENED in our lifetime before!!! When will it EVER END?

Things will never return to the way they used to be.  I am glad for NPR on WAMU in Washington DC on a Terrestrial Radio Station... 88.5FM.