Ending High School and Beginning College During the COVID-19 Pandemic

I remember the last day of High School, March 13th, like it was yesterday. We all thought we’d be back in school in two weeks and that we’d have an extra break. The one year anniversary of my last day is coming up this weekend, and I still haven’t seen many of my old friends in that amount of time. After that, the summer was somewhat normal until I began college, where I realized the widespread impact that the pandemic had on every aspect of life. Kids from all over the country told stories of a loved one who had passed away or a missed school dance or ended relationship from the initial quarantine in March. Hope is returning, however, and school is slowly getting more and more normal by the day. I hope that this is over soon and that I can work as a lifeguard again this summer, because I missed that in 2020 as well.