Even in the quiet, bored suburbs

Face mask

Growing up in the suburbs my entire life, there's definitely been a bubble around the experiences I've been able to have and therefore, the extent to which I can truly sympathize with certain events. That same barrier, while also protecting me from the downsides of a large city, also dulled my emotional capability for issues that should have been universally important.

However, the fact that the growing awareness of a lack of racial justice was able to change the Zeitgeist of a relatively isolated town- that was incredible to witness. I believe that a fair percentage of my generation is jaded or cynical. After all, it's hard to really believe that we're capable of any sort of meaningful change when that's proven wrong again and again. To see people in my town protesting was an eye-opener. I was hopeful for change, inspired to take action, and guilty that I had allowed myself to wallow in my own self-pity, effectively making the issue about me, me, me.

It did inspire me- I went with a group in San Francisco, 'Chinese-Americans for Biden'. Previously, I thought it was too much effort, I thought that it was a pain. This time, however, I went with them. After all, it's not longer about me.