Free pizza

I think that the biggest take away from being quarantined was the feeling of just taking a break and relaxing. My favorite part was seeing how empty the streets were and how silent everything was. The earth just stopped and everyone was trapped inside. I think the feeling of us actually being in lockdown was so crazy. It was like something straight out of a movie.

Everyone was told not to go outside and I think people initially thought that if you caught it you were dead. Well, that’s how I first thought it was going to be like for the first week. People had to wear gloves and stay 6 feet apart. Many people were told to scrub down the groceries and anything that they got from a store. It was like a dark cloud that is still hovering over us. It's 2021 and some people are still not leaving their house. The moment that stood out to me was when I and my mom decided to order a pizza and it was the first time getting something outside. So it took hours for some reason I don’t know why. Anyway fast forward the pizza came and there were two pizzas. I was like there should only be one and the guy said that they were sorry it took so long that they gave us two. So it held us over for a while so it was a win-win. I was so happy and felt blessed that this happened because I love pizza.