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Grandmom's Students

Young girl doing school work at home desk
Boy with blanket on knees watching teacher on computer

I watched my daughter and her family turn their dining room into a school room for my grandkids. Ages 4 and 8. Everyday the kids would get up and get ready for school, walk into the dining room and sit at a computer all day with the teacher on line .

While my daughter (a teacher too) went to her basement and taught her high school kids classes from a dark desk. They had to hire a sitter and I would do one day and their dad took off one day.

The patience and endurance these kids and my daughter and son-in-law had to go through was beyond anything I think we could’ve ever comprehended. It change their lives forever. I could see my grandson vibrant personality become sad and drained. No socializing with friends or being able to go out. By the grace of God, I pray they thrive in the future and come out with an appreciation of friends, gatherings and family.