Journaling, Inspiration, Hope

Cover of journal titled Covid 19
Page of journal written in red ink
Photograph of an array of handmade masks
Three handmade masks

Beginning with the night before the cancellation of my youngest granddaughter’s first birthday party on March 14, 2020, I have written my thoughts, feelings, reactions, emotions, interactions, activities and the day’s headlines on a daily basis. I am getting ready to start my fifth journal. Writing has helped me to get through some of my darkest days. My hope is someday when my grandchildren are old enough and they are curious about this time, I will be able to share my story with them. Along with journaling, I had researched and posted quotes on a sign in my garden to give others and myself inspiration to move forward. Especially, during the time when hope seemed to slip through our fingers.

The need to contribute was very strong in the spring of 2020, so I made seventy-eight scrub caps to donate to the local hospital. Along, with organizing other volunteers to sew scrub caps for the nurses. Of course, I can’t forget the hundreds of masks I made for friends and family.

Family dynamics were affected for the better and the worse. Some relations were strengthened relying on each others abilities to look at the past year in different lights. Other relationships were damaged due to different reactions to events influenced by the pandemic. Life as we knew it is gone, time with loved ones missed, but the future is ours.