Life in 2020

Going into 2020 you always see people posting stuff like, "this is my year", "im going to be the best version of me this year" and stuff like that.

Honestly I don't believe in posting something like that and having your life dramatically change after that. But boy was I wrong.

The first month of the year we almost went to war with North Korea which really scared my family and some of my older family members. They thought I was going to get drafted and basically just assume the worst. But like we always do we get past these things and move on. The next one possibly one of the most looked up to and most popular person on the planet died in a helicopter crash, Kobe Bryant. Now even though my family and myself are die heart Bay Area sport fans we all still recognized and respected Kobe for who he was. It was really just a sad month because of that. It brought some people closer together and honestly made everyone love everyone a little more.

The month after that we had covid become a huge problem and people just could not stay in doors and away from each other. So it got really bad and basically screwed the whole world. We had people that were buying way to much essentials and making everyone else panic because they didn't have toilet paper like, really? That's how unprepared and stupid we all were when we went into quarantine for the first time. There were basically three types of people in the world at that point. You either had work still and had to go out everyday which was risky. Or you stayed inside and did nothing outside for like 2 months, or you didn't care about the quarantine and wanted to enjoy your summer as much as you can. Everyone was so unorganized and unsure of what's happening and unable to stay in quarantine for so long. Me personally I was loving it, I was getting unemployment money and I was making more money from this than my real job so I loved it. I needed to buy a car and this helped a lot. Getting through summer was hard though, all the heat and fires in California it was horrible. If you didn't have AC you were screwed because it was so hot but you couldn't open windows because of all smoke from the fires. Worst. Summer. Ever. Then school started just to make everything more stressful and covid was just getting worse but people were getting used to social distancing. We had an important election coming up also so everyone was interested in that. Also police been acting up the whole year also around the country which caused huge riots across the country which didn't help in Trumps favor. And here we are, Biden is president and we are under another quarantine just a week away from Christmas, it was a crazy year but I hope people take this covid cases more serious. I know they are trying to push out vaccines now but they aren't guaranteed to help people. So hopefully next time someone or even myself reads this, the world will be in better shape and adapting to the world as a whole. Oh also, we have killer bees in America now, can't forget about those...