Life in 2020

2020 was a year for the history books, many crazy and eventful things have happened. for starters, we're living in a worldwide pandemic that has affected approximately 74 million people around the world, in the beginning it was down played so nobody took it serious but now 1.64 million people are dead due to the lack of leadership in this country. For school, we have had to learn online, which is difficult but some teachers have helped us navigate through it but id much rather be in class. i personally feel that i cant learn to the fullest extent because im not in class and engaged, but i still would like to thank all the teachers for doing their best because this was a big adjustment for them also. This year police brutality seemed like an all time high just because of the way people were being killed and how they were being killed, it was ridiculous and never should've happened, it was wrong and uncalled for. on Social media, things turned political it was no longer a safe place for people to share memes, vines and other things without being criticized for it. times have really changed and i hope 2021 has something better in store for us.