A Little Snippet Of My 2020

2020 was definitely quite a year for all of Americans and those abroad as well. For myself, I feel like it only affected me to an extent. I work for a DoD contractor, and I remember on Friday, March 13, 2020, I was asked to take my work laptop home in case the building I worked in closed down for a few days due to COVID. That weekend I was informed that I would be working from home the following week, but was not told for how long. I have only been in the office twice since then. I am lucky that I was still able to work, and working from home actually made me a happier employee that was more productive. I still felt terrible for those who lost their jobs however, including my fiancé. I had survivor’s guilt in a way, and still do some days. Working from home also allowed me to work on my schooling more. I am currently earning my Master’s in American History and my school has been online since the beginning, but I was able to have more time for it due to not having to travel hours everyday for work. I was also able to save more money by not having to commute.

COVID was not the only thing to happen on a grand-scale in 2020. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement was pushed into full gear with the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. I supported the BLM, but from my home as I did not want to risk getting COVID from the protests. I also support the police as well as I do not believe a few bad seeds should cause a terrible reputation for all of those who do good and risk their lives daily to perform that good. Multiple protests against the police happened in my then home of Prince William County, Virginia. Some very close to my home that took place in Manassas. I remember seeing Old Town Manassas preparing for the protests that might turn violent by the businesses removing anything they could from the sidewalks and the entire old town area being empty, silent…dead. There was also a protest one night in another area of Manassas that turned violent against police. That I do not support, however I do not believe anyone who really supported the BLM movement was truly involved in that, just young individuals causing issues. Thankfully, most protests and rallies were to inform of the incidents and to ask for reform and better training for police and better social relationships between the police and minority citizens.

2020 was quite the year. I learned I was a better worker when working from home. I feel lucky that I have been able to still work. I have watched the American citizens stand up for themselves all while help other countries such as Australia. My mental health has taken a hit, but I will be okay. 2021 will be better.