Live from the Green Room

Room painted green with several guitars
Screen shot of man with headphones and guitar
Room painted green with several guitars, prints and fairy lights on the wall
Portrait of man standing on dirt road in wood with guitar

When the world becomes small a local Musician, Pete K., made that small room feel like Family. On March 14, 2020 he started streaming on Facebook his original music with few covers mixed in. Since we couldn't go to concerts and he couldn't perform he brought something to look forward to on a weekly bases. With a world on fire he provided a safe space only he knew how to do... through music. Now up to Stream number 47, 75 originals played and over 330 songs covered. With over 1075 different viewers.. and 200 hours of streams. The Green Room as we called it became our oasis. He even produced an album with a song Just Be that symbolized this time period.