My Changing Life

Lots of things have been happening in my life. I have changed a lot during these times. Lots of things made a change for me.

The pandemic made a change for me. The pandemic made me stay home most of the time. The pandemic made things harder like traveling or going to places. School is also harder because of the pandemic and I have to do school online. I could visit my family members but I would have to wear a mask every time I visit them and it sometimes get uncomfortable wearing a mask. I also get to spend time with my family and found new things to do. But the pandemic made me like new things because I get bored ad want to try new things. But overall, the pandemic made things harder for me.

The pandemic did make a change for me. But there is an another thing that made a change for me. Social media. I would go on social media a lot and that's what I mostly do now. I even made some friends on social media. There were arguments and drama happening while I was on social media. But since I have social media, I can see what is happening to this world like protesting.

It shocked me when I see what is happening to this world. I didn't expect all of this happening.

In the future, I think everyone will get vaccinated and things will be normal again like being able to go to school without trouble and going to places without wearing a mask or any trouble.