My Family COVID-19 Time Capsule

PVC Tube stenciled with Open 2025 Survived Covid 19

No doubt 2020 proposed a unique set of circumstances for everyone. There was a need to help my family bring closure to several unfortunate events that happened throughout the year in addition to COVID-19 (national and international events.  The lingering effects of quarantine, schools closed, store shortages, working a home and jobs being cut seemed to be an endless roller-coaster ride between the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen which only fueled anxiety, depression, and loneliness, especially for the children.

After not finding a suitable Q&A on several websites, I came up with a suitable handout that best fit our family need then went to Home Depot and found a pre-cut tube which fit my budget. Each family member completed Q&A sheets, gathered memorabilia like a soap bar, mask, gloves and wrote notes expressing our feelings and thoughts about these and other things.  We sealed our envelopes and stuffed them in the tube along with a few personal items.

Each person was encouraged to write a letter to their future self.  Once we receive items from our oldest daughter and her family who live out of town (whom we cannot visit because of COVID) we will seal the tube and burry it behind the outside shed. We plan to bury it in the ground after completing our spring yard makeover.  I hope our little project help you and your family burry whatever needs to be left behind and persevere onward toward the future.  We decided not to do a long period such as 20 years to open the tube.  We have teenagers who will graduate this year and plan to open it when she graduates college.  There is no guarantee when COVID will end and it is our hope that we as a family will be able to gather in 2025 to unearth our time capsule.