My Life during COVID

COVID changed my daily life in many ways. In the beginning of the pandemic, we were required to stay at home and weren't allowed to go outside.

We had to avoid crowded places and wear a mask when going out. Most of thestores and restaurants were forced to close down. This makes me miss going to the mall with my sister and eating out with my family. I also could not go to school and hangout with my friends. To keep in contact with them, we created a chat in Google Hangouts. Online school was another big change. I had to get a Chromebook from school in order to attend school online. Although distance learning was surprisingly easy, the internet connection and my short attention span had made learning difficult.

Despite all the bad things that had happened, COVID led to some good things too. For one, I have been spending more time with my family, reading many books, and drawing anime characters. Quarantine doesn't affect me because I'm a homebody and my house is spacious. Distance learning isn't really affecting me either, because I'm very quiet and shy. Fortunately, I don't have to interact with people as much. Overall, COVID changed my life in both good and bad ways.