My Unexpected Win

I will remember the year 2020 of the year I unexpectedly won a prize on national TV. Live with Kelly and Ryan is one of my favorite TV shows ever. I started watching the show when I was 8 years old when my grandmother turned me on to it when it was Live with Regis and Kathy Lee. The show calls viewers for trivia and my grandmother told me I would be destined for it.

It would not happen until I was 22 years old and my mom was called in the summer for a pre-taped show. We had been entering for 13 years hoping to get on the show and when it finally happened, my mom failed the question. Her consolation prize was some nice Omaha Steaks. We were devastated at her loss but it fueled me to try and take a shot for myself.

I started entering in 2007 and finally was called last year on Valentine's Day. I let my nerves get to me and repeated my mom's mistake in failing the question. My consolation prize was a World Market gift card which was amazing but made me determined to try again. I started entering again in March of last year hoping for another shot. I entered every day and never expected to be called again.

Fast forward to December first. I had woken up early because I had an interview with Lidl the day before and was hoping for a call. At 8am, a call came in with a New York area code so I picked up. The man introduced himself as the talent coordinator for the Kelly and Ryan show notifying me that I was chosen for trivia. I was beyond stunned. I had never thought in a million years I would get my chance to play again and yet here it was. He asked me if I wanted to play and I eagerly agreed. He told me to watch the previous show on YouTube and take good notes. At 8:55 AM, I was connected to the studio. I was really nervous. My new roommate was moving in and I was hoping to finally redeem myself. Kelly and Ryan loved my enthusiasm and when the question came for trivia, I nailed it. "What hobby did Rosie Perez take up during quarantine besides cooking and eating?" I had remembered Rosie mentioning her gardener named Josh so I said "Gardening" crossing my fingers. Kelly and Ryan were overjoyed at the answer. I was beyond stunned that I had finally won and thanked them. After 3 tries, I had finally unexpectedly claimed victory. I feel the universe works in mysterious ways and to end my 2020, it gave me a Roomba.

This is how I will remember my year with my unexpected win.