My world stopped: Then started again!

I was enjoying the final semester in college before graduation and had arrived back on campus after buying guitar strings and was met in the parking lot by security and the dean of students. I was given a set of keys and told to move my belongings out of the dorm asap and quarantine in a campus casita.

I had unknowingly been exposed to the Corona 19 in town and suddenly I became the piriah on campus. People avoided walking past my doorway as if they would become infected by association. I understood their concerns; I feel the same way going into a store to buy groceries. I just am not as demonstrative about my fears and concerns.

I am comfortable on my own, I am an introvert by nature but have learned to function in the company of others and I did miss visiting with my friends.

Eventually I was allowed out and began communicating with friends, but I was not able to go back to my reservation at the end of the semester. There were no homes or jobs to go back too, people were sick. I could not go see my children and grand children, they live a long way and travel was out of the question for safety.

I lost some good friends; some from the virus, a couple out of orneriness, it seems they were never real friends. How dare I become exposed. Apparently they do not take into account that every time any of us walks into a store to buy milk that we stand a good chance of being infected. No one I know of wears a shirt that says. "Please stand Back I carry Corina 19"

We are always endanger every time we walk out the front door. I choose to live as best I can. I have continued my education by taking on line classes, I talk distantly with my family and friends. And I wear a mask and search for opportunities to find some that can protect others and myself and I will watch how the new vaccines work on the public.

We have choices, in how we live. Some take the low road and refuse to accept that our world was rocked by a tiny cell that can ruin lives and kill people.

In many cases they are taking themselves out and won't be contributing to future generations. Others, play Ostridge and hide in denial.

I prefer to learn about this virus and what we can do to live with it and protect everyone. We must realize we as a whole are living in a war zone and a single cell is waiting for us to stumble over it, sicken or die.

Knowledge is the key to our survival; hygiene, using masks and gloves as barriers for prevention. Patience while we wait for scientists and doctors searching for the means to make our lives safe again.

Remember, your world is never going to be the same world you woke up in before Corina-19 came to town. Accept the cold hard facts that we are all in this thing together, it is time we get over ourselves and encourage one another to survive.