Nest is the Best

portrait of smiling man in coat and tie
Man laying in state wrapped in yellow cloth with only his face showing
Two people holding portrait draped in yellow cloth; "Hasta We [heart] U" in lighted tea light candles
Interior scene in front of Bhutanese Buddhist alter in which a statue is being donated

It wasn’t a good idea to show up for the protest about the COVID-19.

Instead, this is the right time to support each other and stay safe. It is a very deadly virus that had killed thousands of people around the world. The government is doing its best to save our lives. So, I don’t know why to protest?

It wasn’t easy to go through this Pandemic. The harshest experience I had is I lost my eighty-six years old grandfather. Although he had other medical conditions, we didn’t expect that he will be taken this soon by the COVID virus. I still remember looking at him from a distance through the transparent window and felt so helpless for not getting to hug him at the last moment.

Self-respect and due diligence are the first two key concepts that I found are worth having. After I heard my friend being tested positive, I immediately quarantined myself. I called my PCP and did the testing. I also tested positive even having no symptoms at all. So, I didn’t regret bringing up my self-respect first at this point. Instead, I was internally feeling very proud that I didn’t spread the virus around the community. So, self-respect and due diligence always come first.

After testing positive, the most bitter experience I had was to remain like a prisoner in the same house away from the family. Out mostly not getting time to hug and kiss my kids. Especially my youngest son who is seven years old.

He sleeps with me, not with his mom. So, every time he remembered me, he used to come and knock on the door and ask me.” Daddy, when are you coming outside because I want to hug you?” I guess you can feel how I felt when I hear my little one’s voice outside the door. Seriously, it wasn’t easy going through this Pandemic. After the quarantine returning to the work was not normal like before. Especially, in the health sector. I had to get a letter from the CDC saying that I am okay to go back to the work.

Few questions have always triggered my mind. The first serious question is– How will the government control people from traveling? Since traveling to a different state is the main source of spreading the virus. Even travel restriction notice pops up on the screen on the bridge but, yet people have not stopped traveling despite travel restriction. So how and at which point will these travelers be seriously interrogated and cross-examine whether they have the negative test result or not? Unless the government enforces their saying into action, the travel restriction notice will look like a funny joke.

I believe the ending of this COVID-19 is very nearby. Sooner the government makes the COVID vaccines publicly. But as I explained at the beginning of this story, due diligence and self-respect are the two values that will help to uproot this virus completely.

Finally, my humble request to all the community people– please bring up your self-respect and due diligence to protect yourself and the others from this incurable COVID virus. Stop traveling e unnecessarily everywhere at this Pandemic surge. The best is the nest so, stay home and stay safe.

This story is part of a Refugee Communities collection.