New Gender Neutral Sport That Keeps Players Separate

Covid-19 cancelled, postponed, and suspended programs and events around the world, including, sports and recreational activities. Millions of students have been affected.

After talking with my grandchild, I knew I had to try to find one solution. I finally finished creating a new gender neutral sport that keeps players separate, can be played individually and as a team, can be competed remotely & in-person, uses already established fields, courts, rinks, gymnasiums, driveways, backyards,running tracks, and natural settings. The sport even allows 8 different generations to be on the same team and be in the game at the same time.

I call the sport World Base (BASE = Be Active, Safe, Enjoy) World Base uses a size 4 ball and piece of equipment called the BASE. There is no hand or head contact with the ball, only feet. It allows play in a wheelchair.