New Latin Faces

Copyrighted. Nine photographs of people wearing masks
Copyrighted. Close of man wearing blue mask with a stylized painted face on it
Copyrighted. Nine photographs of people wearing masks
Copyrighted. Photograph of person wearing mask with Harley Quinn on it
Copyrighted. Nine photographs of people wearing masks

I am seventy years old, I live in Guadalajara in Mexico, a country that has chosen people responsibility versus obliged lockdowns. An understandable policy here where at least 30 percent of the population would die of hunger if they had to stop working. That allowed me to choose responsibility without fanaticism as I like to say and so far I, and those surrounding me have been spared.

As a visual storyteller using photography as my only tool, I can say that the year has been tough. Looking at the positive side I redesigned my website, from a presentation card to a gallery online.

I hear about people passing but have not been in touch directly. My story is not of much interest and I wondered if I should send it or not. Then I thought that after all, my account is closest to the majority of those of us living on this planet than those who have suffered from the pandemic one way or another.

If you, the reader of this story have lost a loved one because of Covid 19, let me tell you that even though I do not know you my feelings go to you, and may that help heal your grief. I have learned over the months to adapt to our new reality and always being careful of course, I finally started a project taking pictures again outside the nest. This new visual story in five artworks is telling more than the 296 words I just wrote. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are 29 of them.

The central subject in black and white are portraits of health care workers so to honor them, and because we depend on them as well, more than ever.