New Marriage, New Country, New Job, New Life

Me and my husband had gotten married on November 2nd, 2019, were working in Beijing China, and were on our Honeymoon in the Philippians and China. We got word when we were in Japan in January that a deadly virus was spreading in China, and our family and friends all called to see if we were ok. We has not heard about the virus- and found later that the Chinese Government knew about the virus, but did not tell their citizens. The day before we were to fly back to China, China shit its boarders down to tourists or anyone not a Chinese Citizen (we had work Visa's). We had to take an emergency flight back home to Washington DC with only our honeymoon packed suitcases. We had to find shelter, jobs, and restart our life in America with only each other and the items in our suitcase. We stayed with family while we tried to get our money out of China, looked for new jobs, and tried to figure out what the next step would be. We lost 70% of everything we owned in China and were not able to get all out money out. We found new jobs after several months of applying during a national hiring freeze, and we settled into a new apartment- all while consequently doing into a massive amount of debt that will take years to pay off. We had to take our life plans and sent them back a few years to recover financially. We later found out I had COVID-19 that December in China, and I almost died. COVID-19 turned our entire world upside down, and we went through the unimaginable during our first year of marriage.