Ode to 2020, I Think Not

Before I say Ode to 2020, I asked myself, what have I discovered about me? I am not negating any of the turmoil, pain, loss, anger, fear, injustice, uncertainty, restrictions, covid-19 and so much more that is continuing in 2021. However, because of 2020, I am a stronger yet softer human being with a new perspective on life, love, friendship, neighbors, and prayer.

A friend shared a story from a child’s mind: It was as if God looked at us and said “these kids just don’t get it. I am sending everybody to their room.”

For 5 months, my room was a dark, cold and scary room. I jumped up and down on the bed, screamed, yelled, felt sad, and tossed pillows around. I felt I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Then just 2 months ago, God opened my door and asked me if I was ready to come out?

He also had me hit the pause button, because it could not be a continuum of “business as usual”. I now have daily quiet time with God and me. When He quieted my soul, I developed a hunger and thirst for more of Him. God is doing a new thing in me, can I not perceive it?

His preparation for 2020 and me, began prior to 2020, when He placed special women of varied backgrounds and experiences in my life. We share our faith-walk, the highs and lows on our life-journey. It is a no-judgment zone, I can be naked and unafraid with each one of them. Those sisters are my life-companions.

In 2020, God also opened my eyes to see the virtue of friendship, allowed me to reclaim my life, my time, re-establish boundaries and create a cut-off time from all electronic devices. In my surrender, I discovered an unyielding determination, period! He had me change the narrative of my experience of 2020 and reminds me that my gift is my story and I am the only one to tell it.

He showed me the beauty of neighborly love at 4.35 am on December 30, 2020, when the fire alarm sounded, the banging on my door and screams of ‘fire fire get out the building now.” All 12 units were evacuated. We are all safe, and blessed, no one was hurt. God ‘s mercy and love, lovingly demonstrated through each of my neighbors. He wants me to share my story from the depths of my heart and soul. The soul where only He dwells! Because of 2020, I was able to embrace virtual platforms, using all of my Toastmasters skills, visit other Toastmaster clubs, met members and speak in from clubs different parts of the world, namely: Uganda, Kenya, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Ontario, Bahamas and Turks and Cacos Islands and more. I am a stronger woman, a wiser and refreshing human being, speaker and leader because of 2020.

Ode to 2020 I think not!