Ode to 'Co-Veede'

A white tent with dog and various discarded objects

Reflection of a single 68 year old in Appalachia Ohio during 2020. Beginning near my birthdate 2020 the ordinary habits were discarded or too consequential to continue 'doing life’ like hearing live music or spontaneously socializing at the only local supermarket. Recycled items collected initially as intended but useless Halloween Covid regalia (no where to go) became a growing pile of items taking on a curious and unique character. In photo find sculpture of a dream, publications on Buddhist and Native American principles, Amazon boxes of sundries, alcohol bottles emptied during dozens of Zooms for family/friends (still happening), empty sunflower seed bags attracting the company of singing birds, a poinsettia nursed from December 2019 though spring 2021 as a Christmas decoration, a trampoline, various forms of masks and sanitizers. And of course Bones my beloved rescue dog 11 teeth lighter and infinitely joyful after vet visit in pandemic regimen (pick up drop off). The collapsed white car port collapsed during a severe wind storm early 2021. Missing is my American flag banner bought and hung after Governor DeWine's comment during one of his early Covid daily debriefs suggesting citizens hang a flag indicating unity as tempers and confusion grew throughout America months before the 2020 election.