Our Cross-Country Move During the Pandemic

Family riding horses
Tennessee Welcomes You sign
Family photo
Photo of father, daughter, and dog
Welcome to Las Vegas sign

We were a family of three plus dog living in California when the Pandemic hit. All activities such as the school play and soccer games cancelled, and the fires hit us from all sides. After the death of close family members, we wanted to take the opportunity to be close to our east coast family, and made the decision to sell our house, homeschool our child, and drive cross country during the Pandemic. I have never used so much sanitizer in my life. Armed with masks, we loaded one vehicle onto a towing truck and packed the other to start our journey. We went through California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and then made it to Virginia.

What we saw? Lots of mixed feelings about masks and Californians but we made it safely without ever getting Covid. It will forever be a memory of 2020!