Pandemic Life

What memory of quarantining with your family will most stay with you?

The memory of quarantining with my family is birthdays. At the beginning of Covid19, we weren't aloud to go out. My birthday was the first so we were indoors the whole day and man was i bored but at least we played games, zoomed with family and watched movies. Then after was my dad's and because of i was into baking i made a cake. Then for my grandma's birthday we had cake and zoomed with family. After was sister's birthday and we got to go play mini golf because there weren't a lot of Covid cases. Then came the new year and we got to celebrate my mom's birthday by going bowling and i made her a cake. Fast forward to 4/29/2021 we can still go out and m birthday is in 17 more days and we are going golfing and eating at Olive garden.