Paradigm Shift

My family and I have been spared the ravages (health and economic) of Covid19 which has allowed me to view the pandemic from a positive perspective. How lucky I have been to live through such a unique experience, to walk through haunted cities, to encounter fellow human beings wearing masks, to spend hours Zooming, to be jailed at home.

I feel lucky also to be living at such a transformational moment. Work and education are being transformed for the better. Millions of new jobs are being created, countless business opportunities for those who adapt and look to the future. Nobody should have doubted that we would manage through the challenge and come out stronger at the other end. We always do.

Medical workers have made extraordinary sacrifices, which hopefully will result in greater compensation for them as we move forward. Operation warp speed has shown what can be done when the need and will exists. Hopefully a new paradigm has been established for drug development and approval.

The need to contend with Covid has unleashed a new wave of creativity that will result in countless benefits to society. The best way to honor those who have been victims of the horrible pandemic is to capitalize on lessons learned and opportunities created.