Ever since the pandemic started, we've all been trapped inside our homes. But there are still some people who go outside and party without giving a care about the virus. I was stuck inside and for the first part of the lockdown, school Zoom meetings were optional in my situation. Though I was lazy and didn't attend most of it. Throughout the rest of the "school year" we barely had any work and faced the lockdown as an "early summer break." Thanks to the quarantine periods, my sleep schedule was severely messed up. I would sleep around 1-3AM and wake up at 11-12PM. Readjusting to normal sleep schedules would prove to be a difficult task later once school did resume. Waking up at 7 in the morning and preparing for a Zoom meeting would eventually be the "new normal" for us. Most people say that the lockdown has let us bond with our family more, I found it to be the same. Most of the time, I would just keep to myself in my room, venturing the internet to be entertained. But nowadays, I try to hang out more with my families by just simply spending more time in the living room rather than my bedroom. Though this year gave me more time to talk to my friends over messages. I was able to make new friends from close ones introducing and grew closer to them. Due to the whole year of 2020 being just lockdown, there will be things that with just one glance would bring me back to this unique time. Definitely from now on, whenever I look at a facemask or gloves, it'll bring me back to 2020-21.