Saving Democracy

As one who lives in the District of Columbia and a member of St. John's Church at Lafayette Square, I literally watched our church be set on fire - due to demonstrators - against a Black Lives Matter demonstration on May 30, 2020. Then the next evening, I watched President Trump use our church as a backdrop for a photo- op after tear gassing citizens who were peacefully demonstrating by the church.

Fast forward to November 8, 2020 - the election that Vice President Biden won without any fraud or irregularities against President Trump - that of this day that I am writing my story (December 12, 2020), President Trump continues to contest the election results after the Supreme Court has ruled twice against President Trump's contention that he won the election. What is most disturbing at this time is the number of Republicans that continue to support him - without any true justification of the fraud that he alleges. What is the greatest concern, is President Trump's inability to allow for a peaceful transfer of power - recognizing the will of people - that they selected Vice President Biden to be the next President. President Trump's actions which are attempting to challenge the will of the people are a threat to the Democracy
upon which our country was founded. I write this at this time in December, 2020 with the hope that our country never has a President of the United States again that does not respect our Constitution and our Democracy.