Self Discovery Begins

I know I might not be the only one that lost a job, stuck at home with my entire family and most importantly- forced to seek out what I want my life to be after the pandemic is 'over'. Alone in my thoughts I wonder what I'm going to do. Too afraid to get a job because I'm prone to diseases. Honestly, I might have gotten it already at the beginning of this but I just don't know for sure.

Spending A LOT of time with my family. Babysitting a 1 year old and literally watching him grow every single day. Celebrating birthdays & holidays with the ones you love the most. Having to deal with little quirks that you don't notice when you are busy with working 12 hours shifts. I do miss it, the work. But now that I think about where my life has gone I wonder if I even want to go back.

I get into this obsessive compulsive way of thinking when I don't have much else more important to think about. Animal crossing & planting avocado seeds just to name a few.

I've created my own business. I like working for myself. There are a lot of people doing it too. It's hard work but it's what I'm good at. Hopefully it pays off in the long run.

That's where my life is right now. Hopefully whoever is reading this, that I've comforted you somehow, knowing that you were not alone. Discover yourself on your own pace. Take the time. Embrace the silence.