Silver Lining


Im a 65 yr young RN working doing patient admissions in an ER, hoping to spend my last year winding down my career but I never thought it would be in the mist of a pandemic.

The whole experience was traumatic in one spectrum but in another it almost was spiritual. I witnessed gratitude, pain, death, sadness, growth, new technology. There was a surreal peace in the air as I drove to work in the morning and To home in the evening. I would peel my scrubs off at the front door, put in plastic bag and run to the shower. My husband stayed in his man cave and we slept in separate beds. This lasted for months. We had to reinvent ourselves. My husband a teaching assistant was relegated home for the rest of the school year. He didn't fair well being in the house day in day out with nowhere to go. But one thing we did together, on my days off, we started visiting our beautiful parks in the Hudson Valley, taking a lunch and a walk. We got to see places and outdoor experiences that we never did right in our own back yard. We drove into NYC at night and got to actually see the grandeur of the Big Apple with no traffic or taxi cabs. I started making and perfecting sourdough bread. We had to make Margaritas out of lemons. We were fortunate we had our jobs. Others were not so lucky and I'm so grateful that God kept us protected.

This story is part of a Healthcare Workers collection.