Small Silver Linings

After somewhat dealing with the shock of this horrific virus, and being furloughed from my job for almost 2 months, a very hot Summer, and adapting to all new procedures in the worplace, I was slowly beginning to appreciate the small, simple ways of life during COVID by the Autumn season here in the Midwest.

I learned how to re-connect with my immediate family. So very many days (and years) of living a busy, frantic life of working full time, watching my 3 children become adults somehow happened when I wasn't looking. Many outdoor gatherings with just my family, led to many laughs, deep thoughts expressed about frustrations of our jobs during COVID, but also memories of their childhoods and teen years came up as well. To gather with just them without noise, commotion, or negative vibes, was a true silver lining for me. The Holidays in a smaller gathering brought hopeful new traditions. My 2 siblings and I each celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with our parents separately this year. That, too, was a silver lining in that we each got to spend time and conversation with our parents individually.