Surviving 2020

I went into 2020 thinking it was going to be another normal year or whatever that means now. I was doing better in my college classes and had a spot in the soccer team because the coach told me he liked how I played. But because of covid it got cancelled so that went down the drain. As the pandemic kept evolving and people started to panic buy, with toilet paper scarcity me and my family got worried and we went almost like a scavenger hunt for food and toilet paper. Let's not forget about disinfecting cleaning products they were no where to be found, and when you found some they were from a third party seller which sold them for 100-200% mark up. So we usually didn't buy them. Luckily when everything was closed my dad was an essential worker which is a mechanic and we barely made it by. Around July I tested Positive that was not a good pleasent experience I wanted to cry almost every night because of the fevers and body aches, shortly after my mom and brother got it. It hit my mom the hardest but in the end she survived my brother had no symptoms so I guess he was lucky. Present day on December of 2020 things have gotten better but they are still not the best, lets keep our heads up and keep moving forward because thats all we can do now.