I thought it would be easy working from home and taking online classes. It was fun at first, but it got harder as I moved along. Not that my work got harder or my school assignments did, but my motivation and energy decreased. I found myself in the 4 walls that surrounded me day in and day out. I often speak to myself, thinking about the memories of the past, my past vacations and out goings with my friends and family. Those were all normal things that used to be in my schedule each year. This year, I couldn't even get together with my friends to play turkey bowl. Other day I went out for a hike, it was the first time I went on a hike alone. I feel that sometimes we forget to appreciate the simple things like meeting a friend for lunch or planning a trip to go snowboarding. Everyone now has some sort of fear from others and it feels like movie. When things go back to normal, the first thing I will do is get a proper haircut. I will say this to the future generations, get used to virtual classes and meetings as it may be the norm.