Together we’ve had an exciting year of solving, adapting, and overcoming challenges

Together we’ve had an exciting year of solving, adapting, and overcoming challenges giving us the opportunity for great collaboration with those that have common goals and intentions. Our most important occupation is raising our children, we are thankful to have our family and friends support and encouragement. The song “Lean on Me “ fits well with our need to lean on those that have strength to help us when we are weak. And thus we are thankful for our church, and the organizations and companies, that provide for us a place to enjoy and engage in activities improving ours and others lives. Inspired by our son, Isaiah, we have been very busy volunteering at Kinder Farm Park, recently we acquired a calf and piglet to be raised…if ever we can get a freezer. January and February we prepared the materials for the incubation of two-hundred bobwhite quail eggs and trained kind volunteers. March through May we incubated, hatched, and brooded the quail and our one-day old colorful egg layer chicks. It was quit the sight in our living room, heat lamps hanging from our ceiling over bins of chirping babies. The quail and chickens kept us very busy caring for them, cleaning, feeding, and mending splayed legs. By June, the building of their new hutches and runs at Kinder Farm and our home was complete. July and August we enjoyed hanging out with friends at local parks and fishing, swim lessons with two college students whom started their own private pool business, and a visit with friends and family at our favorite campground Tanglewood Covington Pa.

Throughout the summer and into the fall we’ve enjoyed hosting and helping with Cub Scout meetings. We were blessed for our sons to start 4th grade with Seton Home Study School and become members of The Saint Philomena Apostolate homeschool cooperative. We enjoy our community and we feel a closeness to them even though we haven’t met in person, sharing our lives together every week is special. Isaiah and Jacob rode at CHC during the summer to make-up for cancelled spring lessons, they sponsored their favorite ponies Domino and Melody, and had their last ride in November. Much to Jacob’s pleasure we host FIRST Lego League club weekly in our garage; has learned how to code an EV3 Robot to run a robot game timed course with missions and prepared an innovation project to be judged in March.

Our lives would be wasting away if it wasn’t for our home church, Our Lady of the Fields, feeding and guiding us; we enjoy being Catechists; Tracy teaches first grade and I teach sixth grade and Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. It’s been a fun and adventurous year, we’ve meet new people that have become close friends, we’ve tried our best to stay on the path of righteousness and keep our hope, charity, and faith with Jesus by our side and the Holy Spirit as our guide God is eternally alive.