Uninvited COVID-19

Hey COVID-19, you are here uninvited
We are good hosts, we always are
But you have not been a friendly guest
We have to respond with the only response in our arsenal
Social Distancing, to keep you away

Dear baby, please forgive me
I cannot breast feed you
Though experts say it is alright
A few weeks of formula will not hurt you
But it will keep my mind at ease
By keeping you away from COVID-19

Please do not think I do not love you
I do love you even more than when you were born
It is my love that forces me to practice
Social Distancing to keep you safe

My siblings, I remember fondly
The games we played together
The way we slept together
Out of our never ending love
I am so sorry, the same love makes me now
To practice social distancing to keep you safe

Hi Mom, I learnt loving my baby
From you, subconsciously and consciously
I have to pay back to you for your love
With social distancing to keep you safe

Hi Dad, I still remember your young face
Which must have been
When you first saw me as a baby
I remember you feeding me, and playing with me
Taking me to picnics
And swimming in lakes
I have always loved you
But my love persuades me
To save you from COVID-19
By practicing social distancing

Oh my Darling
I remember our first kiss
I remember our vows
I do not want to be far from you, ever
But for a few weeks, I have to
To protect you from COVID-19
By practicing social distancing

My dear relatives and friends
I learnt loving you all
From my parents
And I have received
Lot of love in return
But now, I am sorry
I can only return your love
With phone calls and pictorial calls
And by social distancing

My dear health care providers

I realize we are on a two way street

My life is in your hands

And your is in mine

I pray to God

To make you successful

And to keep you safe